:: Boats for Sale System for yacht brokers and marine boats dealer / trader.
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:: OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
Solution Name:
OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage

App / Software Category:
CMS /CRM / yacht brokers / boat traders

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App Version:
Boats For Sale System with CRM and CMS

Related Solutions:
CMS and CRM for boats dealer

Available for iPhone, iPad, Cloud Server, Mac and Windows desktop

Industries used in:
yacht brokers, marine boats dealer, boat trader,

Purpose of this app:
Boats for Sale System for yacht brokers and marine boats dealer / trader.

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:: Description
OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
Boats For Sale System: Complete online CRM & CMS online marketing system for yacht brokers and marine boats dealer trader. Boats For Sale System combines stock management with web marketing and business development.
:: Features
OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
- Manage your boats / yacht stock in a database, add / edit with a professional CMS - Content Management System
- Publish boats for sale directly to the web 'On-The-Fly'
- Automatically create boat listings and boats detail pages from text and images entered into your database
- Create pdf documents for marketing and sales as well as window cards
- Manage you customer with the buit-in CRM - Customer Relationship Management
- Track your communication with your customers
- Store and retrieve documents with the buil-in document management
- Let your web visitors send enquiries from your web site directly into your leads database
- Create promotional emails to people who have enquired for boats
- Create and send bulk emails to kick of marketing campaingns
- Run reports about sales and stock from your database
- Operate the Boats For Sale System on the Cloud and share data with co-workers and management
- Use iPad and iPhone to access your database wherever you have internet connection
- Create quotations and sen by email
- Create invoices and send by email
:: Benefits
OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
Faster Information
Enter and retrieve information easy from any FileMaker database table, view, print, send by email. Create, store, share and retrieve documents instantly with the integrated document management system.

Better Information
Information is structured and of highest quality.

Sharing Information
Share business data with your co-worker and /or management

Time Saving
Streamlined data entry and data output and optimised workflow is time saving and leads fast to higher productivity

Cost Saving
Higher productivity, automatic calculation, ‘On-The-Fly’ creation of pdf ducuments sich as estimations, invoces, statement, marketing promotional material and streamlined processes cuts out errors and lost time. With OMB-OnMyBusiness you save a lot of time.

Multi User
FileMaker Apps can be accessed in multiuser mode by remote users and mobile users with dedicated account name and password.

FileMaker Apps offer a high security lever by its security structure.

High Productivity Gain
Save a lot of time, avoid errors, follow structured streamlined work flows, create reports, lists and documents ‘On-The-Fly’

Streamlined Work Flows
Business work flows are streamlined and easy to follow.

On-The-Fly Reporting
Easily create and email reports in Excel or PDF. Create Estimations, quotations, invoices, account statements, product marketing flyers ‘On-The-Fly’ and store them centrally on the FileMaker Document server.

Easy Learning Curve
FileMaker Apps are easy to learn and there are many FileMaker Pro training lessons available in printed form. online as pdf as well as FileMaker Video Training. We are happy to offer you Onsite ‘One-to-One’ training sessions.
:: Requirements
OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
System Requirements

1. Single user: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
2. Multiuser: Cloud Services, Mac and Windows, connected iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Technical requirements*

Windows® XP/VISTA/7 Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.6 and higher

Application FileMaker Pro: To be purchased from Filemaker.com
FileMaker Pro 12 for Mac
FileMaker Pro 12 for Windows

For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
Free FileMaker GO Applications: download from FileMaker.com
Free FileMaker Go for iPhone
Free FileMaker Go for iPad and iPad2
Free FileMaker Go for iPod Touch

For FileMaker Cloud Computing:
Fast Internet Connection
Cloud Server subscription account

For FileMaker RunTime Version:
Modern PC or better Apple Mac
(RunTime only, if available)

*Must fit minimum requirements as to FileMaker Pro 12 as per FileMaker web site.

New FileMaker feature: Web Direct
- Easily and quickly deploy a solution to anyone with a compatible web browser without using web authoring tools or other technologies
- Access data from most devices, whether from a home office or while traveling
- Import or export records and container data
- Deploy a custom web application by hiding and locking the menu bar and status toolbar

FileMaker WebDirect is a FileMaker® client that enables users to interact with your solutions on the web. You create solutions using FileMaker Pro and then host, manage, and configure your solutions on FileMaker Server.
Web users don’t need to install additional software—anyone with compatible web browser software and access to the Internet or an intranet can connect to your FileMaker WebDirect solution to view, edit, sort, or search records, if you give them access privileges. With
FileMaker WebDirect, edits made in the web browser are automatically saved on the server, and the server automatically pushes updates to the web browser.

Note: FileMaker Server 13 features require FileMaker Pro 13 or FileMaker Go 13. WebDirect features require a dedicated server set-up.
:: Made with FileMaker
Online Mobile Solutions
iPad on the Cloud
:: Keep track of stock and sales
Easily keep track of boats stock, yacht for sale from your boatsyard. Profile your yachts and boats in detail.
:: Create Window Cards
Automatically create window cards of your yachts and boats for sale from your boats and yachts database.
:: Create yachts for sale web pages
Automatically create web pages of your yachst and boats for sale from your boats and yachts database.
:: Create pdf for yor boats for sale
Automatically create pdf flyers of your yachts and boats for sale. Publish pdf on the web and send by email from your boats and yachts database.
CRM :: Track your customers
The boats and yachts for sales system includes an integrated CRM - Customer Relationship Management System to organize communication with your clients / customers.
:: Email Management
Easily create and execute email marketing campaigns and send bulk emails from the integrated CRM - Customer Realtionship Management System.
:: CMS - Web Integration for boat for sales web sites
The integrated CMS - Content Management System for boat brockerage enables you to easily publish your boats and yachts for sale on your web site.
:: Mobile & Cloud Based Marine Sales System
The boats and yachts for sale system is cloud based and allows mobile computing. Present your boat and yachts stock on iPad on boat and yacht shows. Enter prospect data such as email addresses and product interest directly into the system from the iPad or iPad.
:: Keep Track of boat sales leads
The boat for sales system assists you to easily track and follow-up sales leads. Send quotations and boat and yacht pdf brochures from the system.
:: Integration
The OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage can be fully integrated with the FileMaker based OMB - OnMyBusiness Package modules.
:: iPad | iPhone Screenshots
  • OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    Image: Complete turn key cloud based system for marine brockerage
  • OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    Image: Easily organize your boats and yachts database with images and text
  • OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    Image: Automatically show boats listing on the web
  • OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    Image: Automatically show boats details on the web with text and images from your database.
  • OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    Image: Automatically create pdf window cards from your boats and yachts database.
  • OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    OMB CMS - CRM 4 Marine Brockerage
    Image: Easily track your customers and prospects with the integrated CRM - Customer Relationsip management System
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for Mac and Windows
will be arriving soon!
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